The ABLM.NET Asset-Based Lending System is based on the most widely used ABL software in the world: NT\ABL from William Stucky & Associates, Inc. Lenders worldwide have relied on WSA software products for over 33 years to monitor their ABL portfolios. WSA’s newest product, ABLM.NET, is a browser-based Microsoft.NET application running against a MS SQL Server database, allowing users to login from any computer with an internet connection while ensuring the security of sensitive data and delivering high performance and scalability. A remote demonstration is available upon request. Please contact Alan Jasenovic at (435) 336-2957 or via E-Mail: for additional information or to request a brochure.

ABLM.NET includes these existing NT\ABL features:

  • Tracking of Collateral and Loan Balances
  • Collateral and Loan Ledgers
  • Daily and Monthly Activity Reports
  • Calculation of Month End Interest and Fees
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • Accounts Receivable Detailing and Audit Verification
  • General Ledger Interface


    Microsoft.NET Platform
    Microsoft’s .NET Framework allows you to deploy the ABLM.NET application to any computer using any web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    Adobe Acrobat .PDF files and Cold Storage Report Archive
    All reports within the ABLM.NET system can be saved as .PDF files and placed into Cold Storage. Cold Storage allows archiving of all daily and monthly reports within the database itself. This allows for a higher level of security of archived historical reports and guarantees that back up copies of the Report Archive are made in conjunction with the nightly database backup.

    Multiple Languages
    ABLM.NET supports multiple languages and different regional formats to allow a single system to be used by many office located in different countries.